About Deb

Hello my name is Debra and I am from Mid Wales, embarking on the Cisco CCNA Certificate.


Mid Wales


My husband and I run our own ICT business Coderz consultancy, tutorials and research. Unfortunately I don’t really know anything about ICT and thought I had better start learning. I thought I would do a blog all about ICT. I decided in early 2017 to learn all about the ICT world and I’m currently working towards a CCNA Certificate.

When I started my course I did have a little trouble learning the information. Understanding even some off the basics, even though I learned about computers in school, this is ICT taught by ICT professionals. It was difficult to understand and some of the jargon was just mind boggling. This in turn had me thinking, I can’t be the only one who doesn’t understand half the things mentioned. Who doesn’t know how to run certain programs or use a computer to it’s full potential.

So here I am starting a blog about my journey learning about ICT. I want to help others understand it and all the jargon. I shall be posting videos in the future, showing you how to utilize your programs, all about your computer, networking, coding and troubleshooting.

Please leave any comments about what you would like to see or learn about.