Your Windows Computer

I am starting with the basics. This is mainly for anyone who doesn’t know what things anything is, or how you can use programs. As I go into more depth about using your computer. I shall also show you extra attachments, what their function is and how you use them.

Please look out in Tutorials, for any videos about the programs or troubleshooting.

The Computer Desktop

The image below shows a Windows 10 version of a desktop.



When logged into your computer, your standard window screen would look like this . This is called a desk top and is your work area. As you can see in the picture, we have icons to the left off the screen. These are short cuts to programs or apps as they are now known, this will save you time getting to apps you need quickly.

If you look to the bottom of the desk top, you will see a bar this is called the task bar. Here you will find small icons of important apps and a notification area.




By pressing the windows icon you get access to frequently used apps (as shown in the above image).

  • A search engine box.
  • Your documents.
  • The control panel.
  • The shut down button.